Alice Frazier Audience Comments and Reviews

Alice Frazier is a true cabaret performer. The opportunity to see her show is a real treat. From the first phrase of her opening number to the last note of her dynamite finale, Alice Frazier delivers as very few can. She is an accomplished musician who sings with both crystal clarity and with emotional warmth. She knows her music, and can vary her performance style to sing everything from Irving Berlin's comic prattle to Andrew Lloyd Webber's powerful ballads. Most of all, Alice knows her audience - and shows how she loves them with every song she sings. Together with her musical director, renowned pianist, Don Rebic, each show takes the audience on a wonderful journey through some of the finest songs written for the musical stage. The only complaint is that the evening is never long enough!"

- Shawn Clerkin, contributing reviewer
Erie Times News (Review of "Curtain Call")

Alice Frazier Audience Comments and Reviews

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Alice Frazier is a "class act" - in dress, stage style, respect for her audience, and the songs she selects - as proved once again in her newest show, Broadway Without Boundaries, at The Hideaway Room @ Helen's. Her charm, warmth and clear soprano were placed in the service of a program of theater songs that, for the most part, are rarely sung today but deserve to be kept in circuit - particularly as performed with the intelligence she brings to their lyrics. With mercifully minimal patter, she moved easily through selections from such shows as Oliver (with its tender Who Will Buy?), Scarlet Pimpernel, Annie Get Your Gun. Anyone Can Whistle, Candide (neatly hitting the operatic peak notes of Glitter and Be Gay), Mamma Mia, and, from Lloyd Weber's Song and Dance, a moving rendition of Tell Me On a Sunday. Rich, rippling arrangements and accompaniment were provided by Don Rebic at the piano.

Peter Haas, Cabaret Scenes, May 17, 2007

"Savvy...Impressive high notes...Something for everyone!"

David Finkle, Backstage, New York

"The combination of her warm, engaging personality, life-embracing spirit, generous voice, and insightful interpretations made her show a joyful and gratifying experience."

Roy Sander, critic and columnist, New York City
Comments on the "Spring Ahead, Fall Back" performance.

Alice Frazier is pure delight! If you don't get to see her current show, "Broadway Without Boundaries," at Helen's on Thursday, May 17th at 7 pm, you'll be sorry. Have I ever lied to you? This is a cabaret show that should not be missed, especially by anyone savvy enough to log on to This may be your last chance this season, unless you can convince the powers that be at Helen’s, to book her back right away. She’s a superb entertainer with an amazingly beautiful voice, and she certainly captivated the crowd that came to see her on Wednesday, May 9. I’m a “house watcher,” and while I had a hard time taking my eyes off her on stage, I sure enjoyed glancing around the room at the viewers who were totally entranced by her performance.

A stunning, smartly gowned Alice , walked on stage with the awesome Don Rebic at the grand piano, smiled her 1000-watt smile at her audience, and sang, “Who Will Buy?” Lionel Bart’s opener from Oliver, and believe me, they bought it. And then they bought the whole show. With her glorious voice, and the style of a Broadway actress, she interpreted an eclectic group of Broadway songs, Sondheim’s plaintive title song from Anyone Can Whistle, Rodgers & Hart, Irving Berlin, Frank Loesser (“My Heart is So Full of You,” from Most Happy Fella), the Brel/Blau “Carousel” and, as if that were not enough, she thrilled us with a brilliant “Glitter and Be Gay,” by Leonard Bernstein. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Tell Me On A Sunday,” and, my favorite, Kander & Ebb’s “Colored Lights,” helped along by Shane Matthews at the light board.

Don’t think it was all heavy ballads; she had great fun throwing lines to individuals in the audience, with Brian Gari’s teaser, “I Want Your Boyfriend.” I strongly recommend you see this show this week and watch for the name Alice Frazier, in the listings for her next go ‘round.

Jan Wallman,, May 9, 2007 "Broadway Without Boundaries"

The first was a show I had seen twice before, Alice Frazier's "Broadway Without Boundaries" show on Thursday night at THE LAURIE BEECHMAN at 7:00 pm. Joined by renowned musical director, Don Rebic, Ms. Frazier is on my list of favorite performers not just because of her terrific vocals, but also the charm, wit, joy and enthusiasm she includes in all her performances. Her easy-going calm and comforting attitude makes an elegant platform for her amazing vocal abilities - giving us a variety of songs from classic opera to disco to Broadway standards and more. Her "Mama Mia Medley" has become a Frazier classic (my friend Daniel scanned the song list immediately on arrival to make sure it was included) and her reading of "Tell Me On a Sunday" was the most touching I've heard since Ginni McMath at EIGHTY EIGHT'S oh so many years ago...It's a real treat and a perfect show for TONY weekend."

[The] best line of the show belonged to musical director Don Rebic: "The way to make a million dollars in cabaret is to start with two million dollars."

Stu Hamstra , Cabaret Hotline Online, June 9th, 2008

"Alice Frazier has performed at two of the Annual Friars Diva Nites. I book the best of broadway and cabaret. The Friars are a tough audience to please, and Alice hit a home run!! I would gladly have her back at the Friars again!"

Randie Levine-Miller, Host & Producer of Friars Club Annual Diva Night,
Director of Special Events for Friars, New York City

"Alice Frazier is an absolute joy. It's always a much anticipated treat when she brings her show to New York City. She has a fabulous, well trained voice with incredible range and delicate phrasing, as well as a delightful personality and a natural comic charm. She strikes the right emotional balance with every song she sings. Her exquisite rendition of Rupert Holmes' song 'Moonfall' from 'Drood' brings tears to my eyes each and every time I hear Alice perform it. As a songwriter, I love how she treats a lyric with such care, making each song she performs a memorable story telling experience. No gimmicks here, just talent."

Bob Levy, Silk River Music, ASCAP 

Last night Daniel and I saw two fantastic shows featuring favorites we both love. At 7:00 pm we were at HELEN'S RESTAURANT, CABARET & PIANO LOUNGE (169 Eighth Avenue, NYC - 212-206-0609 - - OK, I was there at 7:00 pm and Daniel arrived at 7:30 for a very good reason - for Alice Frazier's new show, "Broadway Without Boundaries." I tell you this, Alice can sing just about anything - from operatic style to ballads to belt. Her incredible vocals were delightful - and the show was so much fun! Cabaret must entertain, and this gal knows exactly how to entertain. She will be back at HELEN'S on Thursday, May 17th at 7:00 pm - be sure to catch this show!

Stu Hamstra,, May 9, 2007 "Broadway Without Boundaries"

"An evening with Alice Frazier is a delightful, powerful and memorable occasion. Her crystal clear unique voice --with an unbelievable range-- is both strong and soothing as she captures each song's meaning and transports you into a musical euphoria.-- Her well known musical director and pianist, Don Rebic, flavors her performance in a most professional and appealing manner - Alice's talent parallels Broadway!"

Mrs. John M. Donofrio

"Wednesday night I returned to Manhattan to catch Alice Frazier's "Christmas Is ..." show at DANNY'S SKYLIGHT ROOM (342 West 46th Street, NYC - 1-212-265-8133 - at 7:00 pm. The room was packed with holiday revelers, including a party of 23 celebrating the birthday of one of Alice's many friends (now that is the type of friend every cabaret performer should have). The show was made up of just about every Christmas carol and song ever written, some in medley and some as stand-alone "singles." As usual, Ms. Frazier's lovely vocals and charming presentation made this performance entertaining and memorable. With Don Rebic at the piano, a visit by Santa, a little girl presented with a doll and a teddy bear, who could ask for anything more? Alice Frazier makes the 7-hour drive from Erie, PA several times during the year to perform here in NYC. Stay tuned for her next Manhattan engagement - she is truly a treasure."

Stu Hamstra - Cabaret Hotline Online

"Great show! Great material! Great performance! Great talent!"

Rock Albers
2-time MAC Award-Winning, performance comedian, New York City

"Karen and I enjoyed 'Spring Ahead, Fall Back' so very much the first time, but the second visit was somehow even more wonderful--from start to finish you are a 'class act'! There was so much in your show that was special--lovely choices, strong and sure vocals with a heckuva range, a beautiful presence, and touching and real emotion coming through, all the way!! You included some of my all-time favorities--'I Remember You', the gut-wrenching 'Tell Me On a Sunday', and the absolutely magical duo of 'Yesterday I Heard the Rain'/'Autumn Leaves'. Wow!"

Jean Barlow
Managing Partner, In the Flow Music, New York City

"She has a real sparkle on stage that transfers across the footlights and wraps an audience in velvet."

Sharon Van Vechten
Van Vechten Connections

"Showstopper! Alice Frazier is a fresh, new talent in this area and I thoroughly enjoyed being at her shows. I have only the highest praise for her as a performer. Each song is done with feeling and heart. I am amazed at her ability to perform such a variety of musical styles."

Mary Jane Clark

"I was astounded at her voice in different ranges. She and Mr. Rebic combined with so much compassion and style with beautiful songs to make the evening most enjoyable. Another hour with them would not have been enough."

Mrs. John Oshlick

We are blessed to have premier talent in Erie and Alice is at the top of the list. She has used her love of music, talent and warm personality to bring us her wonderful shows. I look for different ways to share a delightful evening with friends and I keep coming back to Alice's shows. It's the perfect night!

Nancy Dusckas